1. Christopher Harper
    May 21, 2016 @ 14:48

    I for one will no longer buy anything from Mossberg or CMC since CMC asked for the filing. The bad publicity that mossberg will take is going to outweigh the positive of anything they might win. The patent is very general and the fact that the patent office allows it to even stand shows how much they lack the knowledge of how this system works.


    • Ron Waller
      May 23, 2016 @ 05:33

      Got to agree with the above post by Christopher Harper. It’s taken Mossberg years to climb out of the hole that it found itself in…and now they’re going after people in the industry who are making things to merely improve their products so that they function better? Hell, Mossberg should be absorbing/buying these companies and using their products to make their own products better; instead of trying to sue them out of existence. That’s enough for me. I was already on the line, so to speak about buying their stuff. This cinches it…I’m not buying anything else from Mossberg.


  2. Mack
    June 1, 2016 @ 08:13

    I have gotten to know the guys at MechArmor from a vendors perspective, and this industry would be hard pressed to find two more outstanding guys/Vets. I just saw that now they have been pulled into this witch hunt.

    This entire suit by Mossberg is flat out arbitrary BS! For one, all the Mfg and retail sales companies i have seen listed so far are small to medium size vendors who most likely do not have the funds to fight the likes of $&%#berg! Although I am not going to aid those scum and their lawyer scum by listing all of the LARGE, well-funded companies that have been selling these same products for more years than I can count; but that list is long.

    Mossberg cannot just sue the little guys and leave the big fish out of their scum bucket action because they know they will get their useless butts kicked in court. You sue EVERYONE or NO ONE! That company should be exiled for this stupid and selfish move. I know I for one and every single person I know or will ever come to know from this point on will NOT be buying anything from Mossberg, or any other company associated with them, ever again. How’s that Mossberg! You gain some penny’s from sticking it to the little guys, rack up massive lawyer bills and possibly make a little coin on royalties until one of us bright lights figures out a new way to add a drop in trigger to the AR platform; BUT NOW YOUR SALES LOST for the destruction of your already lacking reputation should far out weight any gain.

    What really gets me is that MechArmor began many yrs ago designing and making a far batter top gunner turret system for our soldiers driving hummers. What has Mossberg done to protect our soldiers?

    Mossy-berg should take heed and a clue from the latest Target store action. So far Target has lost like 6 Billion dollars and their stock is going down after pissing off just about everyone with a brain! Imagine how it will be for the stockholders and bean counters over there at Mossberg when this same thing happens to them after crapping in the very small fresh water hole which is this small gun industry.

    My lord who is running that place these days? Someone needs to be………


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