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John Peterson is a former Army Special Forces soldier with service before and after 9/11 overseas both as an SF troop and government contractor. He has served as a full-time instructor at Smith & Wesson Academy and SigSauer Academy, teaching to thousands of law enforcement, military, security, government, and fellow citizens. He also was a private investigator, intelligence contractor, executive protection specialist, and Infantry in the U.S. Army under President Reagan. He has served as Special Projects Director and General Advisory of the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals (www.iacsp.com), appointed in 1997. He was co-founder and an executive board member for both the American Sniper Association and National Patrol Rifle Competition and Conference. So far, he has taught at over 55 law enforcement & government training conferences to date. He has attended over three dozen courses for firearms, tactics, driving, self defense, and antiterrorism, nine of those being sniper courses. He now writes as a contributor or staff for several magazines and donates much of his time to the IACSP (www.iacsp.com) and other good causes such as www.americansnipers.org Twitter: @jtfpeterson Read more about John Peterson at: http://americanpreservationalliance.org/blog/2015/08/13/professional-biography-writer-john-peterson/

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